"No memory is ever
too small to be
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Welcome to The Memory Company

Creators of Personalised Scrapbooks and Memory Jars

Memories are a unique reminder for you of family events, holidays and journeys, special people or other momentous occasions in your life. Our scrapbooks are a unique and personalised way of preserving your life and experiences, allowing you to share them with others.

We can take your photographs and mementoes and create an individually designed scrapbook. Each page will be beautifully decorated in a variety of styles and colours.

Our scrapbooks will create a keepsake for you, or the perfect gift for others. They are a perfect custom-made book for occasions such as:

* new baby      * christening       * birthdays      * anniversaries       * weddings
* honeymoons      * holidays and journeys       * pets

We also offer memory jars, giving you even more unusual and delightful ways to preserve your memories.

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